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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Clients in South Carolina

Q: What is a bail bond?

A: A bail bond is a contract between a person accused of a crime and a bail bondsman. After a person is arrested, a judge may set a bail amount. Bail is the amount of money that the court holds as a guarantee that the defendant will be present for all court appearances. Bail bondsman pay the entire amount of a person’s bail in return for a small fee.

Q: How long does it take to be released from jail once bail has been posted?

A: Release times vary depending on which jail you’re being held at. This time could be anywhere from minutes to a half day.

Q: What is collateral and why is it necessary?

A: Collateral is an item of value that can be used to back up your bond. In the event your bond isn’t paid, the collateral is held. Property is commonly accepted, but we may also accept cars, boats, jewelry and other valuables.

Q: When do I get my collateral back?

A: Collateral is typically returned within 15 business days after the premium is paid and the case is settled. A signed disposition is required.

Q: What if I miss my court date?

A: If you miss your court date or have any problems, come to us immediately….we can help!

Q: Why should I use Carolina Bail Bonding?

A: We treat every client as we like to be treated, with dignity and respect. We understand that for many people this may be your first encounter with the judicial system, making it a traumatic experience. More importantly we understand that a large percentage of people have limited disposable income, and may find it difficult to make bail should the need arise. We offer a variety of payment options, tailored to fit your needs. We individually access each case to accommodate you according to your specific needs. We offer the highest level of customer service and expertise in the industry. We can handle all of your bail bonding needs from the local to federal level in any jail.

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