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Affordable Bail Bonds in Greenville and Spartanburg, SC

Mistakes happen to all of us. No matter what type of crime you’ve been arrested for, our experienced team of bondsmen will work diligently to help earn back your freedom. At Carolina Bail Bonding Inc. in Spartanburg, SC, we offer convenient, confidential bail bonding services open 24/7 to help you or a loved one get out of jail. We provide information and guidance to get you or your loved one back on your feet at no expense to the taxpayer. Our agents are always on duty to address any concerns or questions and provide the assistance you need, when you need it. Our process is simple – first, a bail amount is set, we post a bond for your bail, you pay us 10% of the bail, then a court date is set that you are required to attend. Call us any time of the day, and we’ll answer. You won’t be talking to an automated service.

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Bail Bonds That We Offer

  • Bail Bonds
  • Auto Dealer Bonds
  • Court & Fiduciary Bonds
  • Bid Bonds
  • Agricultural & Citrus
  • Contractor’s License Bonds
  • License & Permit Bonds
  • Alcoholic Beverage & Tobacco Tax
  • Collection Agency
  • Probate Bonds
  • Performance Bonds
  • Public Official Bonds
  • Fuel Tax Bond

South Carolina’s Trusted Bail Bondsmen

Although getting arrested may not be how you planned your evening, getting bail bond help will be easy. We provide guidance and services for all offenses including felonies. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. We treat you how we would want to be treated, with dignity and respect. Whether it’s your first or repeated time dealing with the judicial system, we don’t pay any mind to it. We just want to help you post bail and get on the road to recovery. Our staff understands that most people have limited disposable income to post bail, which is why we’re dedicated to the community of Spartanburg, SC with affordable bail bonds. Call us anytime day or night to get started.

Assistance You Need,
When You Need It